Posted by: wbailer | July 27, 2010

3D Hype

As a researcher in the domain, I’m well aware of the media industry moving to 3D content, and – like with every new technology – the hype it creates. What puzzles me is the 3D hype with many other products.

On my way to work I sometimes see a car advertising this 3D Fitness Studio – it might be just my ignorance, but I’ve never seen a flat one, all were perfectly immersive 3D! (and yes, their website takes ages to load)

Googling reveals they are not the only ones, there are a few all over the world. OK, this one offers pole dancing classes, which may be related to depth and volume perception …

And yesterday I saw a TV ad for 3D shower gel and deodorants …

What’s next? And when can we expect the 2D retro hype?

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