Posted by: wbailer | June 27, 2017

Brexit at EBU?

Posted by: wbailer | June 9, 2017

Reserved parking for Kings and Queens?

Posted by: wbailer | June 9, 2017

Cheapest Fare

By taking the train with the cheapest fare suggested by the National Rail journey planner, I really saved a lot of money compared to the other options.

Posted by: wbailer | February 24, 2017

Lost bus #10

If the bus crosses Westminster bridge in this direction, it will probably not arrive at Kings Cross.


Posted by: wbailer | February 15, 2017


I think ResearchGate overreacts: I just needed two attempts to enter my password.

Posted by: wbailer | February 14, 2017

Island Surcharge for Shipping to Austria


I consider booking a cruise to visit all the Austrian offshore islands this summer …

Posted by: wbailer | February 1, 2017

Windows 10 Philosophical Reflections

It is true that the present has turned into past while reading this line.


Posted by: wbailer | January 12, 2017

Transgender spam

spam message

Posted by: wbailer | December 2, 2016

The suburban train network of Graz is growing


Posted by: wbailer | October 29, 2016

Free Wife

I’ve seen similar offers, but with shorter contracts and higher costs …


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