Posted by: wbailer | December 22, 2017

Long-distance Uber

Tripadvisor seems to overestimate Uber a bit …

Posted by: wbailer | November 25, 2017


After the issues of ranking the candidate list for the federal parliament election, the Greens have reformed their selection method.

Posted by: wbailer | October 30, 2017


This shop has another entrance around the corner, which is also called cos, and not sin as one would expect.

Posted by: wbailer | September 13, 2017

-1 unread mails

I’m a real overachiever, I read more emails than I got.

Posted by: wbailer | August 22, 2017

Special feature: standing

Sound really like an advantage for a bookshelf …

Posted by: wbailer | August 8, 2017

Django3000 – Basti Kurz?

Posted by: wbailer | July 30, 2017

Drei Mäderl und ein Halleluja

Posted by: wbailer | July 14, 2017

Railway magic

EC150 arrives at 19:28 and leaves at 19:26.

No wonder the former chief magician is now a politician.

Posted by: wbailer | June 27, 2017

Brexit at EBU?

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