I am currently as a researcher at the Institute of Information Systems & Information Management at JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Graz, Austria. My research interests include video content analysis, video retrieval and summarization, multimedia metadata representation (especially MPEG-7) and digital film restoration.


MPEG-7 Export Plugin for Apple iPhoto

An exporter that exports the metadata of a set of photos as MPEG-7 XML document. More info here.


GenJ is tool for managing genealogy data, implemented in Java and supporting the GEDCOM format. My XML import and export plugins are available here.

CppUnit Mac OS X framework

Xcode framework project for the C++ unit testing framework CppUnit. The project is based on CppUnit 1.12.0, made with Xcode 2.4 and build universal binaries for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). The framework project is available here, the framework binary package (including the header files) is available here.

Old projects

Some of my older projects, which no longer maintained, but some resources are still available on the Web:

wbStego Steganography tool: [wbStego website]

ReBRAT tool and shell extension for renaming files and changing file attributes [ReBRAT website]

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