GEDCOM 5.5 XML Export/Import Reports

These GenJ reports implement conversion functionality from/to a XML representation of the GEDCOM 5.5 data model. This approach of using an intermediate XML representation has also been proposed in [1] and [3], based on this representation one can use XSLT to convert to GEDCOM 6, GedML [2] or whatever.

The intermediate representation I have used is that proposed in [1], as this is a clean 1:1 mapping between the GEDCOM 5.5 structure and the XML DOM representation. The reports use Xerces (I used 2.6.2) for the DOM representation and XML parsing/serialisation and Xalan (2.6.0) for the optional XSL transformations.

For the export functionality, the implementation as a report is natural. asically, also the import works. The entities from the XML file are added to Gedcom instance that is passed to the report. All views expcept for the tree are working, and after opening a view for the first time also the statistics in the control center are updated.

These are the Java sources of the reports:

[1]A. Skonnard, The XML Files: XML Data Migration Case Study: GEDCOM, MSDN Magazine, May 2004.
[2]M. Kay, GedML.
[3]J. Askren, The Semantic Web for Family History.

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