MPEG-7 Export Plugin for Apple iPhoto

This is a metadata export plugin for iPhoto (developed and tested with version 6), that writes the metadata of the photos selected for export to an MPEG-7 XML document. The plugin is based on the free MPEG-7 Library by JOANNEUM RESEARCH. It supports both i386 and x86_64 platforms.



  • When you start iPhoto the next time, the MPEG-7 Export plugin should be among the export plugins
  • The plugin has no options, simply select the name of the MPEG-7 XML file to be created.

Exported Metadata

The exported document contains a list of ImageType multimedia content descriptions. The following metadata elements are available for each image:

  • file path and name of the original image
  • file path and name of the modified image (if other than original)
  • title
  • creation date/time
  • import date/time
  • file path and name of the thumbnail image
  • comments
  • description
  • rating
  • file format
  • width, height and aspect ratio


The plugin is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

The source distribution (project for Xcode 2.4+) is available here

For requests please contact me at werner AT wbailer DOT com.

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